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Not all solar panel installations are equal.

We’re different as we champion “in-roof” solar panel systems, so you can enjoy the benefits, without the drawbacks.

Operating across Surrey and the surrounding areas including Woking, Esher, Guildford and Cobham.

Why go solar?

Unlike oil and gas, solar power is clean, renewable and, once you’ve had your in- or on-roof solar panels installed, completely free.

The panels we procure are premium quality. They have 20-year warranties, but need far less than that to save you the amount spent on installation. From that point on, you’re powering your home at no cost.

Restore our planet.

Why us?

Sheerwater Solar exists to make the green transition as straightforward as possible for Surrey’s property owners.

Our team knows solar inside-out. We’re fully qualified and insured, and have years of experience in electrical installation and roofing.

And because we prioritise quality and sustainability, we also hold a number of valuable certifications and memberships, including NAPIT, MCS and RECC.

So rest assured, we’re solar PV installers who know what we’re doing, and why we do it.

Our Ethos

We try to operate in a way that reflects our environmental ethos.

  • Sustainability

    We are committed to reducing carbon emissions and promoting renewable energy as a cleaner and more sustainable alternative to traditional power sources.

    And on top of that, we donate to the Green Future Project, a company that offsets emissions, plants trees, protects rainforests and invests in regenerative climate projects.

  • Customer Focus

    We work closely with each of our customers to understand their unique needs and preferences, ensuring that their solar panel system is tailored to their specific requirements and installed with minimal disruption.

  • Quality & Reliability

    We use only the highest-quality materials and ensure that our installations are done to the highest standards, providing our customers with long-lasting and effective solar panel systems.

  • Transparency

    We believe in providing our customers with honest and clear communication about the costs, benefits, and risks associated with their solar panel system.

  • Ethics

    We operate with integrity and fairness, treating our employees and customers with respect and contributing positively to society.

  • Innovation

    We are always striving to push the boundaries of solar technology, finding new products and adding them to our installations to improve then efficiency and effectiveness of our solar panel systems.

Our Mission

“Sheerwater Solar is dedicated to empowering customers and businesses by harnessing the abundant power of the sun. Our mission is to provide reliable, efficient, and sustainable solar energy solutions that contribute to a cleaner and greener future, whilst ensuring cost effectiveness and aesthetically pleasing designs.”

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What happens next?

In most cases, we’ll need to conduct an on-site survey at your property to assess the feasibility and provide you with a tailored quote. This visit allows us to understand your specific needs and explore the potential for renewable energy solutions. Following the survey, we’ll discuss the best options for integrating solar energy into your property, including detailed costs and the installation process.

We’re excited to assist you on your journey to renewable energy and look forward to hearing from you.