Car Charging

Step into the future of electric vehicles with our professional car charging station installations, designed for both residential homes and businesses across Surrey.

Whether you’re in Woking, Esher, Guildford, or Sheerwater, our service ensures that you have the convenience of charging your electric vehicle right at your doorstep or workplace. Our expertly installed car charging stations offer fast, efficient charging solutions, enabling you to power up your vehicle quickly and get back on the road with ease. Embrace the eco-friendly shift to electric vehicles with our reliable charging solutions.

MyEnergi Zappi

The MyEnergi Zappi stands at the forefront of eco-smart electric vehicle charging, offering a fast, efficient, and greener charging experience. Designed and manufactured in the UK, the Zappi charger integrates seamlessly with lower-cost energy tariffs and solar charging capabilities, making it an ideal addition to your eco-smart home.

With its intelligent design, the Zappi can work in perfect harmony with your home’s future eco-smart technologies, including battery storage and heating systems, allowing for comprehensive energy management through a single app.

Whether you choose to plug and go or harness its full potential for integrated home energy control, the Zappi offers unmatched intelligence and control over your charging needs. MyEnergi takes pride in providing high-quality, UK-made EV chargers, ensuring customers receive the best installation experience possible.

With options for both single-phase (7kW) and three-phase (22kW) power, the Zappi combines convenience with eco-friendly technology, featuring a 6.5-metre tethered cable and robust IP65 weatherproof protection, making it an advanced solution for home EV charging.


The SolarEdge EV Charger revolutionises home EV charging by harnessing solar energy for a cleaner, cheaper, and more sustainable charging solution. Integrated within the SolarEdge Home smart energy ecosystem, this EV charger unifies solar energy generation, storage, and now, EV charging into a single, streamlined system. Expanding your PV system’s capabilities, the SolarEdge EV Charger allows you to boost your EV charging capacity while minimising reliance on grid power.

Through the mySolarEdge app, homeowners can control and optimise all household energy consumption, including EV charging, from the palm of their hand. Charging your EV with SolarEdge means driving on sunlight, saving money through lower utility rates, and increasing energy self-consumption by using self-generated solar power.

The charger also features dynamic power adjustment to protect your home’s main circuit breaker from overcurrent, ensuring balanced energy usage. With incentives available for EV chargers in Europe, SolarEdge offers a comprehensive PV/EV charging solution that enhances your solar investment and promotes sustainable living.

Where We Work

We prefer to work with local businesses to avoid unnecessary travel, which is good for both the environment and local businesses. Our services are focused on Surrey, including Woking, Esher, Guildford, and Sheerwater.

If your location is a bit further away, we can still offer our services, but we’ll need to add a small extra charge to offset the additional carbon emissions from travelling to you.

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