In-Roof Mounting Systems

Discover the perfect blend of functionality and design with our in-roof mounting systems, ideal for their aesthetic in Surrey. These systems integrate solar panels directly into your roof, creating a sleek, low-profile look that preserves the aesthetic appeal of your property. Besides enhancing your home or business’s appearance, in-roof systems offer excellent weather protection and efficient energy generation, making them a smart choice for those looking to invest in solar.


The GSE In-Roof Mounting System is specifically designed to integrate solar panels into pitched roofs, merging aesthetics with functionality.

Manufactured in France, this system is celebrated for its 100% waterproof capabilities and resistance to wind and snow loads. It offers a sleek alternative to traditional on-roof installations by replacing tiles or slates, creating a productive roof that enhances the building’s value while generating energy.

The GSE system is distinguished by its cost-effectiveness, combining the roof and solar panels into a single product to save on materials and labor. Its universal design allows adaptation to any roofing material and compatibility with the solar module of your choice, making it a favorite among installers for its blend of performance, aesthetics, and versatility.


Viridian’s In-Roof Solar Panels offer a cutting-edge solution that integrates seamlessly with your roof, providing an elegant, low-profile energy solution.

These panels are designed for rapid installation with push-fit connections, ensuring a secure, weather-tight seal without requiring any modifications to your roof. The system is not only economical, comparable in price to above-roof installations, but also packs more power into your roof space thanks to its compact, efficient design.

Viridian’s sleek, invisible clamps contribute to an uncluttered aesthetic, enhancing your home’s appearance while generating clean energy. This system is universally compatible with slate and tile roofs and boasts durability and robust wind resistance, significantly higher than competitor products.

With independent third-party accreditation, Viridian sets a new standard for roof-integrated solar, ensuring your investment is both beautiful and built to last.


Sandtoft brings tomorrow’s solar technology to today’s homes with its comprehensive in-roof solar system. This sleek, seamless solution incorporates panels, inverters, and batteries into a single package, designed for quick installation and a modern aesthetic that complements any home design.

Manufactured ethically to the SA8000 standard and BRE-certified, Sandtoft’s system is compatible with all Wienerberger roof tiles and installs directly onto roof battens, simplifying the process to less than a minute per panel. Aimed at meeting Part L building regulations and future-proofing homes for the Future Homes Standard 2025, Sandtoft’s in-roof solar package is a testament to solar made simple.

Beyond its easy installation and compatibility, Sandtoft offers a comprehensive solution for industry professionals and homeowners alike, ensuring maximum efficiency and support for navigating the challenges of modern roofing and solar integration.

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Working with local companies is something we take seriously, as it benefits both the environment and the local economy. Our focus is mainly in the Surrey area, with specific attention to Woking, Esher, Guildford, and naturally, Sheerwater.

Should your business be located slightly beyond these areas, we’re still keen to assist. An additional charge would apply in such cases, aimed at offsetting the carbon footprint generated by the extra distance we travel.

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