Immersion Controllers

Maximise the efficiency of your hot water heating with our advanced immersion controllers, ideal for homeowners and businesses throughout Surrey, including Woking, Esher, Guildford, and Sheerwater. These smart devices give you precise control over your water heating system, allowing you to harness excess energy for heating water in your tanks. This not only optimizes the use of available energy but also significantly reduces your electricity costs. With easy installation and seamless integration into your existing setup, our immersion controllers are a smart investment for those looking to improve energy efficiency and gain better control over their energy consumption.

MyEnergi Eddi

The MyEnergi Eddi represents the pinnacle of solar energy diversion technology, offering homeowners an intelligent way to maximise the use of self-generated solar or wind power. Acting as the ultimate solar diverter, Eddi is essential for ensuring that your renewable energy goes exactly where it’s needed most in your home, from heating systems to hot water, without wasting a single watt.

A typical household uses about 18% of its energy for hot water for showers, baths, and washing dishes, which translates to a significant amount of electricity and cost. By integrating Eddi into your solar PV system, you transform your setup into a highly efficient, self-directed energy management system that reduces reliance on the grid and enhances the overall utility of your generated power.

Eddi’s advanced capabilities allow for seamless integration into any micro-generation system, making intelligent decisions every second on energy distribution, supporting low generation trickle charging, and optimizing heat appliance switching. With Eddi, you’re not just saving money; you’re taking a significant step towards a more sustainable and self-sufficient home energy solution.


The SolarEdge Home Hot Water Controller is designed to revolutionise how households use their solar energy, focusing on maximising self-consumption and slashing energy bills.

By automatically diverting surplus PV energy to your water heater, this wireless controller ensures that every drop of solar power contributes to reducing your reliance on the grid. It seamlessly integrates into the SolarEdge Home ecosystem, enhancing the stability and ease of managing your home energy network.

This eco-friendly solution not only provides a cheaper way to heat water but also increases your solar self-consumption, further cutting down electricity costs. The Hot Water Controller prioritises the use of excess solar energy for water heating, equipped with a built-in appliance consumption meter and an optional temperature sensor for precise control.

By choosing the SolarEdge Immersion Controller, you’re opting for a cleaner, greener, and more cost-effective method to manage your home’s hot water needs, fully harnessing the potential of your solar installation.

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Our approach is straightforward: support local businesses to minimise travel. This not only helps the environment but also supports the local economy. We primarily operate in Surrey, servicing areas like Woking, Esher, Guildford, and Sheerwater.

For people located a little outside these areas, we’re still available to help, though with a minor additional fee to compensate for the increased travel emissions.

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