Optimisers & Panel/Level Monitoring

Enhance your solar system’s efficiency with our cutting-edge optimisers and panel-level monitoring technology. These solutions allow for real-time tracking of each solar panel’s performance, identifying any issues early and ensuring optimal energy production. Perfect for homes and businesses in Surrey, our optimisers adjust the output of each panel to match the system’s overall performance, maximising energy yield and providing detailed insights into your solar investment.


Huawei’s Power Optimiser is engineered to elevate your solar installation’s performance, ensuring higher yields and comprehensive safety. Designed to maximise energy production, Huawei optimisers allow every solar panel to operate at its peak efficiency, unaffected by shading or module discrepancies. This leads to an increased energy output, enabling all your home appliances, from lighting to central air conditioning, to run efficiently on solar power.

Key Advantages of Huawei Power Optimisers:

  • Higher Yields: Accelerated power generation with each panel delivering maximum power for higher overall system efficiency.
  • Active Safety: Prioritising personnel and property safety with advanced protection features.
  • Flexible Design: Accommodates solar panels on every side of the roof, ensuring design flexibility.
  • Smart O&M: Lowers maintenance demands with smart operations and management solutions.
  • High Quality: Durable and reliable performance in all weather conditions, guaranteeing power stability.

The Huawei Smart Module Controller showcases a one-fits-all optimiser with quick detection and module-accurate fault diagnostics, featuring a sub 0.1% failure rate which is significantly lower than competitors. Its compact design, extensive compatibility with Huawei inverters, IP68 protection, and a 25-year warranty underline its superior efficiency and durability.


SolarEdge’s Power Optimiser is a game-changing DC/DC converter that transforms each solar module within a PV system into a smart module. This optimisation ensures constant tracking of the Maximum Power Point (MPP) of each module, significantly increasing energy output and system efficiency. This not only boosts revenue potential but also accelerates the return on investment for solar projects.

SolarEdge Power Optimiser Highlights:

  • Enhanced Energy Production: Maximises module-level production, overcoming challenges like shading or debris.
  • Precise Monitoring: Offers 100% system visibility with module-level monitoring, enabling detailed performance tracking.
  • Advanced Safety: Features SolarEdge Sense Connect technology for unmatched safety, with alerts to promptly address issues.
  • Efficient Installation: Simplifies wiring and hastens the installation and commissioning process.
  • Compatibility with High Wattage Modules: Supports newer, higher wattage modules for optimal power density in residential projects.

The S-Series Power Optimiser from SolarEdge brings an unparalleled level of production and protection to residential solar installations. With its ability to enhance module-level output and ensure system-wide safety, SolarEdge optimisers redefine solar energy management, promising a smarter, safer, and more efficient solar solution.


Tigo’s TS4 platform brings unparalleled flexibility and efficiency to solar installations with its Flex MLPE (Module Level Power Electronics) system. As the only platform in the industry that allows for tailored equipment and feature selections, Tigo ensures that each installation can be optimised to meet specific needs and challenges. The TS4 platform empowers you to enhance your PV modules with a choice of critical functionalities:

  • Optimisation: Boost the efficiency of each solar module, ensuring maximum power output even in partial shading or varied panel orientations.
  • Monitoring: Gain detailed insights into the performance of each module, allowing for proactive maintenance and management.
  • Rapid Shutdown: Enhance safety by enabling the quick de-energisation of modules, crucial for emergency response and compliance with safety standards.

With over a decade of leadership in the MLPE space, Tigo’s TS4 offerings are celebrated for their reliability, sporting the lowest failure rates in the industry. The system’s design focuses on simplicity and durability, enabling a swift installation process that takes approximately 10 seconds per module.

Each TS4 unit connects effortlessly to the PV module’s junction box and securely clips onto the module frame, eliminating the need for mounting bolts or separate grounding wires. Moreover, the TS4’s polycarbonate cover is water and corrosion-resistant, capable of withstanding submersion up to 1.5 meters—ensuring optimal performance in even the most challenging environmental conditions.

Choosing Tigo’s TS4 Flex MLPE means opting for a custom, scalable solution that not only meets today’s energy demands but also adapts to future requirements, making it a smart investment in your solar energy system’s longevity and efficiency.

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