Customer Case Study: Solar Panel Installation with Battery, Car Charger, and Water Heating in Woking, Surrey

4th Oct 2023

Switching to solar energy is a comprehensive decision with multiple benefits, including environmental sustainability, financial savings, and an enhanced lifestyle. This case study explores a multi-faceted solar installation project completed for a client in Woking, Surrey. This inclusive package featured solar panels, an energy storage battery, an electric car charger, and a system to heat household water using solar-generated energy.

Client Background

Location: Woking, Surrey

Type of Residence: Semi-Detached House

Energy Needs: 5-6000kWh

Reason for Going Solar: To contribute to environmental sustainability and to achieve long-term financial savings on energy costs

The Challenge

Our client aimed for a complete renewable energy solution to meet their household energy requirements, charge their electric vehicle efficiently and heat their home’s water supply. The project’s complexities involved:

  • Supplying ample power for the home, electric car, and water heating,
  • Integrating a multifaceted energy storage solution,
  • Coordinating the technical aspects of solar panels, battery, car charger, and water heating system,

The Solution

Solar Panels

Type: In-roof (for aesthetic appeal)

Number of Panels: 10

Installation Area: Roof

We fitted 10 aesthetically pleasing in-roof solar panels following a meticulous site analysis.

Energy Storage Battery

Type: Giv Energy Battery

Capacity: 9.5Kw

A Giv Energy battery was installed to capture and store excess solar energy, making it available during periods of low solar input. This also stores energy from the grid when the rates are preferable during the night. 

Electric Car Charger

Type: MyEnergi Zappi

Charging Speed: 7kW

A MyEnergi Zappi car charger was added, providing rapid and environmentally friendly vehicle charging.

Solar Water Heating

MyEnergi Eddi: A water heating system was integrated to use the surplus solar energy to heat all household water.

The Process

  • Initial Consultation: Assessed the client’s specific energy needs, budget, and desired project outcomes.
  • Site Assessment: Conducted a comprehensive site evaluation to design an effective, customised system.
  • Product Selection: Offered tailored recommendations for solar panels, battery, car charger, and water heating system.
  • Installation: Seamlessly installed all components, ensuring cohesive and optimal functionality.
  • Post-Installation Check: Performed system validations and educated the client on using the monitoring software.

The Results

Total Energy Production: Approximately 5000kWh

Summer Savings: Around 75% reduction in energy bills

Winter Savings: Approximately 45% reduction in energy bills

Payback Period: Estimated at 6 years

The client also reported significant benefits in water heating, contributing to their overall satisfaction with the system.


“The installation has significantly transformed our lifestyle. Not only have we made remarkable savings on energy bills, but we’ve also implemented an eco-friendly solution for powering our home, heating our water, and charging our vehicle. We expect the investment to pay for itself in about 6 years—a win-win situation for us.”

Our Take

This Woking-based project serves as a compelling example of how a comprehensive solar solution can be both financially rewarding and environmentally responsible. By successfully integrating various elements—solar panels, a storage battery, a car charger, and a water heating system—we have fulfilled our client’s needs, showing our commitment to quality and sustainability. 

The payback period of 6 years is encouraging, and we’re looking forward to seeing that drop further over the coming years as the price of energy increases and inevitably, the price of the technology decreases. 

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